Visit scenic Ingarö

kulturstigen pilhamn

Visit scenic Ingarö

If you would like a weekend out, a walk around Ingarö is a great idea! Learn about history and enjoy the scenery on Pilhamn’s cultural trail. Unwind at Säby Säteris hotel, a beautiful mansion in scenic surroundings.

The path goes along Farleden Kolström and passes in part through the Ingarö old Sockencentrum as the National Antiquities Office defined as an environment of national historical interest. The trail is 1.7 km long and goes from Ingarö Church to Dyviken. Most of the path is easy to walk. The map also shows where it is accessibility adapted. Three overview signs and 7 individual signs provide information about the locations.

If you would like to stay overnight at Ingarö then you will find Säby Säteri close by. At Säby Säteri you stay in a genuine turn of the century mansion surrounded by woods, meadows, lakes, live agriculture and sea bays, a wonderful place in a quiet environment.

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