Jump through the weekend at Yoump

yoump trampoliner

Jump through the weekend at Yoump

Are you a big bunch who want to experience Yoump’s cool parks for a special occasion all by yourselves? No problem! 5 Fight, Private Instructor or Free Hope – Yoump can offer something that fits your gang. Welcome!

Yoump is the Nordic region’s leading trampoline park with 8 parks in Sweden. Yoump is an amusement park for the whole family, there is something for all ages! Step into a world where the law of gravity has ceased to exist and feel the total freedom of movement in a room with trampolines from wall to wall. You will find Yoump on Gustavsbergsvägen 34b.

You can find more information at yoump.se

Overnight at Hotel Blå Blom is located in charming Gustavsberg Harbor. The hotel is housed in two of the porlins factory’s most unique buildings ”Gamla Verkstaden” from 1852 and ”Gamla Slamhuset” from 1859. Between the two twin buildings you will find the courtyard and the buildings are also linked by an intermediate hall. All rooms are decorated in a different personal style, with the factory’s history and years as a theme of both room and interior. Book at blablom.se